We are launching a cross-border newsroom! And we need your support

Our upcoming newsroom will focus on underreported stories with cross-border relevance. We aim to open up the field to local journalists who have not yet had the privilege to publish their stories at big legacy media outlets due to structural barriers or discrimination. Know more about why we are starting our own newsroom here.

Why We Ask You for Support

If you want to diversify media narratives and "unbias the news", please support our cause by donating and enabling us to be the change we want to see in journalism.

Trainings & Workshops

Hostwriter provides trainings and workshops in “Cross-Border Journalism“ for a fee.

Unbias the News

Our first Hostwriter book Unbias the News. Why diversity matters for journalism is out on sale.

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All supporters who make a one-time donation of 100 € or more, or who register for monthly recurring donations will be listed (if they wish to be publicly acknowledged) on a special 2021 Hostwriter Supporter Appreciation page on Hostwriter’s website.

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